Composite Probend Bar Pack Gre en (No Clamps)

Composite Probend Bar Pack Gre en (No Clamps)


Please do not use the Year/Make/Model Feature to choose your hand guards. Hand guards are made as a universal product and every setup is different. There are several variables that influence the fit of these types of hand guards; such as bar width/diameter, height, position etc. Please make sure to measure the diameter of your handle bar before ordering. When installing new hand guards it’s usually best to fit the hand guards up and float them in before you tighten any bolts. In some cases it may be necessary to slightly bend the hand guard to fit correctly especially if you’re running a very narrow handlebar.

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  • Part Number: 1CYC-7100-72

additional information

  • WEIGHT: 3lb
  • DIMENSIONS: 12 x 18 x 3 in