What make CYCRA handguards the leader in protection?

 We only use the highest quality virgin material for maximum strength and our injection mold process ensures a precise fit and finish.

What make CYCRA bars the strongest?

Each bar is made from billet construction and machined out instead of being bent.

What are the best clamps to use with the newer Pro-Taper bars?

“T2” U-Clamps – Part Number: 1156-02

What are the best clamps to use with Neken bars?

“T2” U-Clamps – Part Number: 1156-02

What are the best clamps to use with Renthal FAT bars?

“T2” U-Clamps – Part Number: 1156-02

What are the best clamps to use with standard Renthal bars?

Standard U-Clamps – Part Number: 1151-02

What are the best clamps to use with Renthal Twin Wall bars?

Twin Wall U-Clamps – Part Number: 1350-02

What are the best clamps to use with Magura bars?

“T3” U-Clamps – Part Number: 1153-02

Which bar ends should I use when mounting CYCRA handguards?

CYCRA handguards come with universal bar ends, which include fittings for both aluminum and steel bards.  Also sold separately – Replacement Part Number: 1053-02

What is the best CYCRA wrap around hand guard system for a lower cc bike (85cc, 150cc, 230cc)?

CYCRA Series One Probend with U-Clamps are the best for use on smaller bikes with shorter bars.  Composite Probend Handguards are the 2nd best option for the lower cc bikes.

Are Probend Bars, Probend CRM bars and mounting options sold separately?

Yes. All bars, mounting options, and replacement hardware can be purchased separately.

Can I buy just one clamp or Probend / CRM bar (Left side or Right side only)?

No. Unfortunately these parts are only sold as pairs


How does CYCRA develop the innovations in technology in their products?

The ideas come from our “Never Stock, Never Replica” philosophy and motto.  Each product is then crafted with precision through each stage of the development process and vigorously tested by today’s top teams.

How do I mount my Probend / CRM bard to my motorcycle?

Please check out our installation videos located under Technical Support.

How do I mount my 2014-2016 YFZ shroulds?

Please check out our Installation Instructions located under Technical Support.

Does CYCRA sell plugs for the 2014-2015 YZF Airbox cover?

Yes. The part number is 1781-12


What sets CYCRA apart from the rest?

CYCRA Racing bring you over 20 years of innovation, patented products such as Powerflow Shroulds, CycraLite Vented Fender, Full Armor Skid Plates, Probend and Rebound handguards and much more.  CYCRA Racing develops and builds its products in the USA all under the same roof in Thomasville, North Carolina.  From the CNC machine shop, state of the art paint facility, plastic thermoforming and injection molding.  CYCRA joins all of these capabilities under one roof, to control and offer greater preision in the fabrication of every CYCRA product.  CYCRA’s dynamic design, production and sale department are eager to help you get the most out of your riding experience with the highest quality products and service available.  Set yourself apart from the crowd and join our team!

How do I get sponsored by CYCRA?

Please visit the rider support section of the website for support information and sponsorship application options.